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Espresso - Footprints

Espresso - Footprints

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Let us introduce our new espresso blend - Footprints. The name is borrowed from one of our absolute favourite jazz compositions with the same name, first released on Wayne Shorters album Adam's Apple in 1966.

We love the name since it reflects our love for music as well as our firm belief that every part of the production chain has an impact on the final cup.

Every part is important, everyone leaves a mark, everybody leaves a footprint.

This has been a work in progress for many years and the time has now come to say farewell to Red Clay and Silent Shout. Although we have enjoyed working with two blends we have decided to focus on one from now on. Footprints is a smooth, rich and elegant espresso and we hope it will carry the legacy of Red Clay and Silent shout and be a beautiful merge of the two.

The current components are:

Costa Rica - Lia Lia, white honey processed Catuai

Brazil - Dois Irmãos, natural processed Mundo Novo

Ethiopia - Alaka Natural, natural processed heirloom varieties 

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