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Super Tropical, Almdudler

Costa Rica - La Lia "Red Honey Geisha" 250g

Costa Rica - La Lia "Red Honey Geisha" 250g

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Flavour notes: Super tropical, Almdudler 

Farm: Piesan

Producer: Luis and Oscar Monge

Origin: Santa Rosa de Leon Cortez, Tarrazu – Costa Rica

Altitude: 1.900-2.000 masl

Process: Red Honey Process

Cultivar: Geisha

La Lia is a farm and micro mill in the heart of Tarrazu owned by the brothers Luis and Oscar Monge. The farm has been in the family for almost 70 years but it was in 2008 that the brothers took over the production and started their own micro mill named after their mother Lia.

The farm is divided in 7 plots of land with the highest parts reaching up to 2100 meters above sea level where the coffee cherries ripen very slowly resulting in high sugar concentration. They grow mainly Red Catuai on the highest altitudes and Caturra slightly lower. They also have extended their range of varieties to Bourbon, Pacamara, Tipica, Yellow Tipica, SL28, Kenia and Geisha to name a few. The annual production of the 60 hectare farm land is around 1000 bags of green coffee. All coffees are separated by farm, cultivar and picking date. The same families that have returned to work at the farm for 14 years are handpicking the coffee. The 60 pickers have been trained to only pick the perfectly ripe cherries and also to sort the cherries after the picking. This is hard work but very important to be able to produce delicious coffee.

We have been working with Oscar and Luis since 2012. They are doing an amazing job and their coffees are consistently tasting amazing. Visiting Luis, Oscar and Lia each year has made them feel like family and it is always with great warmth we set foot in Tarrazu. To be able to work with people like Luis and Oscar means everything to us and we are so happy to be able to share their coffee with all of you year after year.

This amazing coffee was only produced in the very limited volume of two 69 kilo bags. The variety that they call Tipica Mejorado is actually a spontaneous mutation of Geisha but to avoid any confusion they re-named it Tipica Mejorado. During the anaerobic fermentation the coffee is left in airtight containers and the mucilage is broken down through oxygen-free process. After this process the coffee is moved to drying tables without being rinsed and is therefore taking on a dark colour, hence the name “Black Honey”. This is a very risky process where lots of things can go wrong and therefore Luis only experiments with small volumes. We are super excited to share this unique coffee with you. 

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